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‘I have liked Penny’s encouraging and positive attitude…helping us to feel that we are, in fact, capable of more than we realise.’



















Values and Confidentiality

.Everything, but everything, we discuss in our sessions is confidential - as are any associated emails.

I keep all commitments I make to myself and others. I have the desire to be the very best I can - and work with my clients with that in mind. I also have the desire to help others to be the very best they can.

I have worked at recognising my values and believe in living by them. My highest values are truth and honesty.

I respect the values of others, and do not judge their beliefs. I believe that people are fundamentally good - and equal. I believe too that there is a positive intent in all behaviour.

I am responsible for my life as is everyone else responsible for their lives, and I have freedom to choose as has everyone else. I actively continue to improve my life by setting goals and acting on them

I constantly seek for new ideas and thoughts, people and places and believe in being societally involved - I am, therefore involved in local politics.


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