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Without goals you won't know where you are going and therefore cannot get anywhere. So if you are going to act on your life you need to spend time - a lot of time refining your goals.


Without a doubt you can realise your dreams, but your goals have to be planted in reality - that your goal is within your physical capability. This does not mean you can choose to believe that you haven't got the physical capability - we are talking about 'the impossible' - say, a man giving birth to a baby (which isn't possible - yet!).


The whole basis of Life Coaching is to enable you to recognise just how many options you have in order to achieve your goals. 'There is more than one way to skin a cat' is the rather revolting saying - but it does emphasize that if what we are doing isn't working, then we do something different and options are limitless.


This is about commitment. You already know how I emphasize commitment. Without it you will not achieve. You have to want to achieve your goals; you have to be prepared to keep at it despite the problems and setbacks. You have to be quite determined to achieve what you want to achieve.

To GROW you need to FOCUS and take ACTION


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