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‘I found that you could draw from past experiences as well as the vast knowledge you have, which helped to give clear examples….’
Martin Davies, Royal Mail


















Deaf awareness

I am now a lip reading teacher. However, it is much more than that. I am now able to advise people on how they can improve their lives when they have hearing loss. I have access to information on appliances that will help,on types of hearing aids, on strategies you can adopt, and general information on different types of hearing loss..

Picture from 'Hearing the future' RNID, November 2007

Predicatbly if you feel you require to do any problem solving, or you feel your confidence has reduced since you suffered your hearing loss, I can help. Coaching from someone who understands and communicates clearly and fully may be a great relief.

Get in touch by emailing me (contact details here) or if you are able to use the phone then ring me on 08451 66 88 68.


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