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Get some balance into your slife.
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Balance Wheel

Each segment represents an area of your life and you can choose what areas are relevant to you. Some examples are:

Hobbies (leisure pursuits)
Family (relationships)
Friends (Social life
Personal development
Contribution (to society)

Imagine there are 10 segments on each line of the wheel – you mark yourself from 1 to 10 in terms of how content you are with that area of your life. The ideal is not that you have 10 in each area (although that would be fantastic) but more that you have similar scores for everyarea of your life. Thus, by doing this exercise you can see which are the areas you need to work on to create balance.

And this is what yours could look like:

Your focus and goal could be to have pretty nearly all the segments at say
8 out of 10


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