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Recommended Books

These are books that I consider worth looking at if you are truly interested in changing your life.

NB Because I am an Neuro Linguistic Programming accredited master practioner and trainer there is inevitably an NLP bias!


This is the definitive NLP book - I worked with John Seymour for many years and he is very thorough
  Paul McKenna has cleverly incorporated the NLP concepts in to a popular easy to read book
  'Flow' has a really worthwhile message - he considers that the flow state he describes is the key to a life worth living
  This classic business book recognises that action leads to success
  Smart moves tells you more about how you can improve your body/mind co-ordination and enhance your ability to concentrate and learn
  Robert Dilts shows you how beliefs change your life
  Louise Hay has an unusual approach - but certainly worth contemplating

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